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5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Space.

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1- Declutter 

Clutter is a common problem that we all can relate to. The good news is that we can all solve this problem by placing a few baskets around the most trafficked areas in our home to collect the items that never seem to have a place.

Get familiar with placing these items in the designated basket collection zones, this means shoes, extra blankets, children's toys, mail, pet toys...anything that would normally go on the kitchen counter, floor, or in “that” corner.

Baskets are an excellent option to hide clutter but at the same time give a decorative accent and a clean and organized look to your space.

Baskets for storage

Handwoven Karanday Basket 01


2- Add new pillows

Pillows are a quick option to switch up the look and feel of your home through the seasons without having to spend a lot.

But, how do I know what color/type of pillows to pick? Choose an anchor color from a piece of furniture, art or textiles that you already have in your space. 

For example: In the photo below, the pillow combination was inspired by the color of the bedding and the pampas grass in the room. Adding a few darker throw pillows from the same color scheme adds some contrast to the colors of the bedding and pampas grass. These subtle additions make the overall look come together, two new pillows all of the sudden transformed this bedroom, creating dimension, warmth, and cohesiveness.

Cielo Woven Pillow | 14''x 20''

Rio Woven Pillow | Rust


3- Mix and match Art Prints

By incorporating art prints on your wall you add visual interest to your space. Similarly to throw pillows, pick pieces that include a few colors already in the room, and that go with the scale of other pieces that you own. You can place one big art print on the wall or combine several smaller pieces together to match the scale of the furniture and other decor accents across the room. If you are not sure what type of art to get, look around your space and identify what type of furniture and decor accents you have around your home. Are they industrial, modern, traditional, coastal, farmhouse or perhaps bohemian? As long as you pick motifs that belong with the flow of the room, it should work :)


By having these tips in mind you will realize that Art Prints have the power to tie up the space nicely without too much hustle.

Gallery Wall

Spanish Morning Horizontal Canvas Print


4- Add Layers and Texture

One of the most given pieces of advice by interior designers; “add texture”. What does that mean? Texture goes beyond rolling out a rug, texture in home decor can be achieved by adding greenery for example, think about olive tree branches placed in a sculptural vase, or by adding floor cushions, placing your plants in baskets, playing with different patterns and colors of pillows. Choose goods made out of natural raw materials such as linen, hemp, leather, timber, rattan, stone, clay over synthetic materials. The richness of natural fibers and materials add an earthy feel and natural texture instantly.

Neutral Decor

Hmong Hemp Natural Stripe

Pink and Blue Stripes Hilo Blanket | Medium


5- Update your Coffee Table Vignette

Your coffee table is one of the main focal points in the living room, so updating the items placed on it is a easy way to make a big impact when refreshing the room. Simply arrange a few thoughtful items, such as candles, vases, greenery or fresh flowers, stack a few books or place a wooden tray or small basket with beaded garlands and that’s it, an easy change that makes all the difference.

Coffee Table Decor

Charcoal Wooden Garland with Tassels

Reclaimed Dough Bowl | Small


We hope these tips helped you get inspired with ideas to transform your space.

Until next time!

The Team at Apartment No.3

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