Ethical and Sustainable


Apartment No.3 works directly with talented artisans from all over the world to create high-quality unique pieces that blend traditional crafting techniques with modern design.

We are invested in promoting the preservation of traditional crafting techniques that often are passed through generations, and that because of today’s automated machine manufacturing practices are in danger of disappearing. One of our main pillars is to foster pride and empowerment, respecting and celebrating the artisan’s cultural identity and traditional crafting techniques.

By establishing a direct relationship with our artisan partners we ensure that we fully understand the manufacturing process of our products, learn about each traditional technique, the artisan’s communities, working conditions, provide fair wages for artisans and ethically source our products. Our artisan partners  are paid upfront for their work, and we strongly respect and stand behind the story and cultural value behind each craft, making it a priority to communicate to our customers through our product descriptions, social media and in person, where these crafts are made, how they are made, and by whom.

All of our products are crafted with a lot of attention to detail, they have been either hand-picked, sourced or designed and made exclusively for our shop. Besides working with artisans around the globe, we work with a woman owned and operated sewing company in New York to make some of our throw pillows from fabrics sourced from our artisan partners. We consider each product to be a piece of art, with a rich story to bring you joy and inspiration.

Sustainable Manufacturing Process

By supporting our small business you are not only supporting a dream but getting high-quality products that have a rich cultural heritage behind them. Most of our products are handmade which means that they are made with a lot of attention to detail and moreover likely to last longer. 

Our manufacturing process is eco-friendly. Since most of our products are handmade they take less energy than mass produced products, which helps reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere. The majority of our textiles are made in hand operated looms, out of renewable materials, such as fibers from native plants from each region, wool, and other non-synthetic fabrics, and dyed with natural non-toxic dyes. Some of our textiles are made from up-cycled fabric that otherwise would have gone to waste. 

We produce goods in small batches, and re-order them once they have been sold out, which helps reduce excess inventory and waste compared to mass produced goods that need vast amounts of energy, excessive materials and complex transportation. Our small business’ manufacturing process leaves almost no carbon footprint on the environment.

Job Creation- Ethical Sourcing

The impact of the current pandemic has been devastating for tourism around the globe. Most of the artisans we partner with make a living from selling their goods in local markets to tourists. 

We have been collaborating with artisans throughout the pandemic sourcing their crafts online. It has been humbling to see that we can help them in the middle of a challenging situation so they can still provide for their families. 

We have collaborated with artisans in India, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Paraguay among other countries to bring unique ethically made goods, so you can enjoy these crafts knowing that our artisan partners are treated with fairness and respect and that our manufacturing process is done with consciousness and love for our environment.

As a former professional ballet dancer, the work of an artist is very personal to me, because I have personally experienced how much time artists similarly to artisans devote to learning their craft and perfecting it. I particularly love when two designs are not the same because every item has gone through its own process, its own time, its own challenges, and I believe that that is what makes the product unique and perfect.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our small business. We are a woman-owned family-run business at Apartment No.3 growing and learning everyday. We hope you love and enjoy our products as much as we do!


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