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This beautiful and luxurious textile comes from Morocco, and unlike the Silk we all commonly know that is made by silkworms, this textile is made out of the natural fibers found in the aloe vera plant cultivated widely in the Sahara Desert. It is soft, durable (denim like thickness), it has a shine to it that makes colors vary a bit depending on how the light is hitting it, it is biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan, just to cite some of its many attributes!

Cactus Silk Pillows

Apartment No.3 Cactus Silk Pillows 

Aloe Vera

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Manufacturing Process

Artisans break open the aloe vera plant, the spiky leaves are crushed and soaked in water to separate the fibers and filaments, then washed, dried and spun to make silk threads. Artisans then dye threads with natural vegetable dyes, this process creates the beautiful vibrant colors in the finished product. The fibers are now ready to be woven on a hand operated loom. The final touches include hand embroidering patterns on this gleaming delicate textile.

Cactus Silk Crafting Process

Photo courtesy of our artisan partners in Morocco.

Cactus Silk is commonly used to make rugs, pillows, decorative throws or even to be displayed as wall hangings. They are sold along the picturesque Marrakech Souks (Markets or Bazaars). We work and collaborate directly with some of the sellers in Marrakech markets to bring a curated selection of high quality throw pillows to Apartment No.3. Through this collaboration we help many families of artisans in Morocco that live from the making of this craft. 

Morocco Marrakesh

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Photo by Mari Potter on Unsplash

Marrakesh Morocco

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Add a unique global accent to your decor with these throw pillows, they will not disappoint :)  You can check out our collection of Cactus Silk Pillows HERE and be ready to be delighted by these fine pieces.

Cactus Silk Pillows

Apartment No.3 Cactus Silk Throw Pillows

Cactus Silk Pillows

Apartment No.3 Cactus Silk Throw Pillows

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about this stunning textile :)

Have a great week!

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