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The Top 10 Decor Tips for a Happy Home!

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We all know how we feel when our homes are clean and tidy. The way your home looks can definitely affect your mood and productivity, so in this week’s blog we have put together The Top 10 Decor Tips for a Happy Home! These tips help get your home’s tidiness to the next level and make it more relaxing, welcoming and happy!


1- Set the mood with Lighting.

Switch white light light bulbs to yellow light bulbs in all areas that are not task oriented, such as kitchens, pantries, closets, or areas where you would do reading. Those areas often need whiter light for better visibility, however by adding yellow light in some areas of your home, you can set an instant warm and cozy ambiance. 

Home Decor

Photo by Joel Henry on Unsplash

2- Make your bed.

Besides making your room look nicer and cleaner, making your bed can help start your day right and encourage you to keep the rest of the room and house tidier. When we are committed to making our beds every day it can lead us to set a chain of good decisions throughout the day which can also help us be more productive overall! 

Bedroom Decor

Photo by @thisissimplicite featuring our Kilim Pillows

3- Use decorative bottles for your dish and hand soap.

Decant your dish soap and hand soap into decorative bottles. They are not only a great option to improve the look of your sink, but having these beautiful containers to store your everyday essentials can also be an incentive to buy in bulk and reduce the amount of plastic waste we create.

Bathroom Decor

Photo by Grace Kelly on Unsplash

4- Edit your kitchen countertop.

Editing what is sitting on your kitchen countertop will help getting rid of clutter and decrease your cleaning time as well. Clear things from your kitchen counter that aren’t used on a daily basis, such as appliances, groceries, small trinkets, serving pieces and any papers/bills/pens. Keep your countertop storage to a minimum. Think about canisters to store coffee, rice and such, utensils displayed in a crock, a fruit basket, and oils and salt and pepper on a small tray by the stove and a few cutting boards layered against the backsplash wall. 

Minimalist Kitchen

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

5- Organize your books by color.

With this trick you can create an effective decorative/artful focal point in your room for $0. They don’t have to be on a bookshelf; you can also stack books in the same color palette on coffee tables, credenzas or any other space around your home.

Books organized by color

Photo by Dee @ Copper and Wild on Unsplash

6- Refresh your coffee table often.

Your coffee table is so much more than a piece of furniture to kick up your feet or place a drink. It is one of, if not the main focal point in your living room and it acts as an anchor for your couch, ottomans, and armchairs. 

One of the most effective ways to change the mood of your space is by exchanging the items placed on your coffee table. Here are a few interchangeable items to consider when decorating your coffee table:

Fresh flowers, candles, stacked books, bead garlands, wicker baskets, trays, eclectic objects, antique objects, coasters, magazines, a sculpture, vases, small plants, decorative box (acts as storage for tv remote controls), dry/faux flowers or anything that sparks joy :)

Living Room Decor

Photo and design by @thisissimplicite featuring our Willow Noir Pillow

7- Add plants!

You can never go wrong with adding plants to your space. Plants make us happier, re-energize us and purify the air! You simply need to find the right greenery for your space depending on the amount of light you get. (Thinking about making a blog about what’s the right type of plant for your space. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in?)

Floor Poufs

Moroccan Floor Poufs

8- Leave an element (or two) undone.

Leaving a few mussed items around your home makes a home feel warm and lived in. Throw a couple blankets around your bed, accent chair or couch for an effortless cozy feel and look.

Blankets and Pillows

Mud Cloth Pillow + Claire Designer Lumbar Pillow

9- Hang Mirrors near windows.

Mirrors are great to create illusions in a home. When placed near by or across from a window, mirrors are not only making the place look bigger but they are also reflecting and optimizing the natural light coming in. 

Mirror Decor

Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

10- The obvious one → Add Candles!

You probably saw this one coming :) Who doesn't love candles and how they make the room feel and smell! Add a few of your favorite scents around the home to finish up the look, sit back and enjoy all the work you have done :)


P.F Candle Co. Golden Coast Candle 

We hope these tips are useful and make your house/apartment feel like a home! 

We are here if you have any questions! Let us know in the comments below what home decor related issues you need help with!

Have a great week!

The team at Apartment No.3

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