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About the founder

Diana Albrecht

It all started with the dream of becoming a ballet dancer. I am originally from Paraguay, South America. In order to make this dream a profession, I worked incredibly hard and knocked on many doors, and experienced many rejections until one of them opened and brought me to the US to a ballet competition in New York City. This opportunity completely changed my life. It led me to build a 14 year career dancing for two great ballet companies in the US, every accomplishment and every challenge made me remember where I came from and how far I had come. As a child my parents let me experience the contrasts of two worlds, living in Asuncion the capital of Paraguay and spending a lot of time in the countryside as well, a desert area of my country called Chaco, I experienced what it was like living in a place with dirt roads, no electricity, where the moon and stars illuminated our nights, to get water from wells to take showers and to utilize the natural resources to live. Those were some of the happiest moments of my life. Many years later and across thousands of miles I am building Apartment No.3 to blend all my passions with the essence of my upbringings, my memories and my experiences trying to expose my art and gain recognition in a competitive space. Today I find enjoyment in designing, sourcing unique home goods around the world, and helping out talented artisans that lack resources to gain exposure and recognition, that live in remote places but have an innate talent and craftsmanship, and want to show what their culture is about, what they can make from renewable natural resources, to show what they learned from their ancestors, what they have taught their sons and daughters, their traditions and make something beautiful for people to enjoy. Know that behind each product we make there is a story to tell.

About our Products

Traditional Crafting Techniques + Modern Design

Apartment No.3 offers unique handmade home decor & fashion accessories rooted in a rich cultural heritage. We work with artisans, designers and artists from all over the world to bring high-quality products for you and your home. All of our products are crafted with a lot of attention to detail, and ethically sourced, hand-picked, or designed and made exclusively for our shop. Through our direct collaboration with artisans we aim to bring exposure to their products, create economic opportunity for them, while fostering pride and empowerment, celebrating their cultural identity and traditional crafting techniques. We hope you enjoy them and we cannot thank you enough for supporting our small business.

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