Ñanduti (nyanhn-duh-tee) : Guarani language word that translates to spider web. Ñanduti is a fine traditional Paraguayan embroidered lace. This lace is made on a stretched piece of fabric attached to a wooden frame. Artisans begin their work with a spoke-like structure of foundation threads upon which many patterns that resemble various wild flowers animals, and other shapes inspired by nature are carefully embroidered. The original structure looks like a spider web, which explains the origin of its name in Paraguay's native language Guarani.
ñanduti making

Empowering Women

The Ñanduti embroidered lace is mostly made by women in Paraguay. With this beautiful craft they feel empowered, and it helps them become more economically independent and support their families.
ñanduti makers group picture
This craft was born as a combination of 16th-century needle lace making techniques from Europe with unique Guarani techniques and traditions, and it has been passed down though many generations. It is so important to foster the making of this craft to the next generation so it continues to survive.