Trapo Textile (Poyvi)

Trapo Textile, also called Poyvi by some, Guarani language word that translates to ‘Flag’. The looms used to make these textiles are built by each artisan with materials available around them, such as bamboo, wood, thick cotton threads, ropes and branches. Artisans weave various strips of fabric together combining different colors and designs to make a one-of-a-kind product.
Artisans in Paraguay buy scraps of fabric in bulk keeping them from going to waste. They make these beautiful textiles and sell them in local markets. Their looms are operated 100% manually, and it provides work for many families while reducing Co2 emissions. The textiles are of good quality because they are made manually with close attention to detail.
colorful textured hand loomed textiles
It is very gratifying for the artisan to see the final product, since it takes a lot of ingenious work and effort to first build a loom and then the beautiful textiles.
rustic loomLoom